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It is exciting to see how far we have progressed in just one short year! Since last June we have added a total of 6 therapists, moved to a larger space that includes a couples massage room. We are so busy we are already making plans to expand some more! Come visit us to receive stellar customer serv
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Client Testimonial

"Mary Ann has a wonderful touch. She is very gifted in her ability to perform theraputic work that is effective without being painful. She always makes me feel much better inside and out."

B.F., Aesthetician, Scottsdale

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Mary Ann's Massage
Mary Ann's Massage therapists give the best massages I have ever received. The staff is highly skilled and trained. From therapeutic and rejuvenating massage to comforting and truly relaxing, there is no better place to experience a massage. 

L.T.,  Marketing,  Phoenix

Mary Ann
Over the past 15 years I have come to know Mary Ann as a dedicated and passionate massage therapist. As a client, I have complete trust in her approach, her instinct, and her ability to provide exactly what I need each and every time I am on her table. She is both knowledgeable and intuitive – a powerful and effective combination in a therapist. As a coworker, I am grateful for her consistent faith and commitment to this work. She is indeed a way-shower. 
L.R., Massage Therapist, Mesa


Dora has an amazing soothing touch and presence.  I do not usually fall asleep when I get a massage but her massages help me relax so much sometimes I drift off. She has wonderful pressure and can get to the tight, sore muscles to soothe the pain and at the same time use her amazing hands to help me relax so I can completely benefit from the massage. She truly cares about her clients and is a great therapist.

M.O. business owner, Chandler

Mary Ann

I've been going to Mary Ann for several years and she is absolutely the best -- not only what she does as a massage therapist, but who she is as a human being. Mary Ann is respectful and professional in everything she does and works hard to make sure each client is comfortable with the entire process and has the exact care they need. She's truly made me a believer in the healing power of massage and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist they can count on for the best care and techniques available in the area.

S.B., Artist, Boise ID

I had the most amazing experience getting a massage from Dora. She was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She asked me how I was doing several times during the massage. When I left I felt better than I had in weeks. I returned a week later to get another massage. I highly recommend giving them a try. You will love the clean and peaceful environment as well as the friendly and professional staff.

T.C., S.A.H.M., Phoenix

Mary Ann

I have had the pleasure of experiencing many massages from Mary Ann Merritt. Her soothing touch, as well as deep tissue focused work, gets the spot every time. I feel much better, longer after a massage from her and I thoroughly enjoy her peaceful atmosphere and healing with gifted-hands. I highly recommend this authentic, quality massage to anyone! 

J.B., Manages family of 7, Gilbert

I have been seeing Mary Ann for a few years now and refer her to my friends and family as much as I can. Mary Ann is simply the best in therapeutic massage! For starters she is easy to book with and accommodating. Her location is very central and easy to get to. Her room is private, very clean, serene and incredibly spa-like (hot towels, soft music, dim lighting, water with lemon); but her massage is far superior than that of regular spa swedish massage because she does so much more than lightly rub your muscles. Her pressure is always just right - not too hard and not too light. She works out the kinks! She knows where your sore spots are. She is there to make you feel better! This is a massage you can book again and again and feel confident you will always get what your body needs, consistently. Mary Ann is reliable, professional and available. I highly recommend her services.
J.G., Small business owner, Phoenix
I have been getting massages by Mary Ann for YEARS and she is AWESOME! Through pregnancy, illness and health she has been by my side. Can't recommend her enough!

P.O., SAHM, Phoenix

Mary Ann is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. She works intuitively and always finds (then proceeds to soothe away) the knots! I always walk away feeling like jello and soooo relaxed. It's a HUGE treat to get a massage from her and I cannot wait until I can have another session with her

N.B., Barista, Portland OR

ALWAYS THE BEST MASSAGES EVER!!! Mary Ann is very skilled at what she does! I.V., Law Student, Scotttsdale

Mary Ann is such a great massage therapist she can tell exactly what needs to be addressed before your head even makes it to the massage table, Amazing.

P.E. Aesthetician, Gilbert

I have had the pleasure of receiving massages from Mary Ann. Her intuition and genuine caring nature make her an excellent therapist. She has an uncanny and natural ability to find the source of your pain - mental or physical - and help you make it disappear. She has all the requirements to deliver a superb experience. It is my pleasure to refer her.

R.A. Massage Therapist, Phoenix

I have known Mary Ann for many years and had the privilege of watching her career begin as a healer. Massage therapy is not just about techniques and skills. Creating an environment of safety and trust are essential for healing to occur. Mary Ann embodies this in her personal and professional life. 

E.S., Massage Therapist, Mesa

I wanted to thank Mary Ann and speak to her amazing massage. Her techniques, healing hands, and her knowledge of what each client needs are such gifts. She knows how to provide a smooth transition between different types of massage and knows when each type is most appropriate.  Mary Ann has developed her own personal style and integrates a variety of techniques from various disciplines including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and many others, which allow her to address the unique and specific needs of each individual client

I have experienced fabulous results after receiving a massage from Mary Ann. She has helped relieve sore muscles and I find her massage very soothing and calming. What a healing touch! I immediately feel so much better and it lasts for days.  So, please, do your self a big Favor   ~   Give her a try ~ you will be grateful you did!!! 
D.V., Sales, Scottsdale

Mary Ann has a wonderful touch. She is very gifted in her ability to perform therapeutic work that is effective without being painful. She always makes me feel much better inside and out.
B.F., Aesthetician, Scottsdale












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