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"Mary Ann has a wonderful touch. She is very gifted in her ability to perform theraputic work that is effective without being painful. She always makes me feel much better inside and out."

B.F., Aesthetician, Scottsdale

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Mary Ann's Compassionate Touch 

Medical Massage

In 2018 Mary Ann's Massage launched a new branch of the business

Compassionate Touch Medical Massage 

This portion of the business is separate from what we offer at our office location, and is a travelling service for those patients who can no longer leave their home or facility. The massage includes Geriatric, Loving Touch for Patients in Hospice, Gentle Touch for Cancer Patients, Lymphatic Massage and Energy Work. The massage can be administered at the hospital, rehab, nursing care, assisted living or at a Hospice facility.

Mary Ann worked in a Scottsdale Chiropractic office for twelve years helping many clients with relief from chronic pain. She then opened her own business and has been expanding there since 2013. During her years as a therapist she has also served private clients and many geriatric clients in their homes. She worked with many of these clients near the end of  their lives.  That is when she realized that as her career progressed she would focus on helping those who were in chronic pain or near end of life.


60 minute Compassionate Touch Medical Massage-  $110.00*
*at your location within 10 mile radius of 24th St. and Indian School

*Additional mileage fee will apply to locations further than 10 miles, please call to inquire

Mary Ann's Medical Massage


July 2013

Mary Ann Merritt was a student in my Gentle Touch for individuals living with cancer class at Phoenix College Jun-July 2013.

She came to the class with the goal of furthering her knowledge and experience with oncology touch and end of life loving touch massage therapy. She has shared openly her experiences with several private clients who were in hospice, in treatment for cancer, or with other life threatening illnesses.

I am proud to say, Mary Ann was one of my top students. She was engaged and always had pertinent information to share with the class. She has been a therapist for many years and by her knowledge and compassion, it was obvious. She was always punctual and completed all of their assignments. Everything she did from the class projects to her final exam, be it the test or hands on, was 100% tops.

It takes a special touch, personality and passion for this work and I believe, Mary Ann has this gift to make it her life's work.
I have had many students in my classes over the past 10 years. This is a person I would want on my team any day.

*Cynthia Zimmerman

Phoenix College 
Banner Desert & Cardon Children 's Medical Center

August, 2013

I am pleased to recommend to you Mary Ann Merritt.  Mary Ann provided massage care for my mother for several years before Mom's death from cancer in 2007. Before she became ill my mother always looked forward to her sessions with Mary Ann, and after Mom's diagnosis those sessions became even more important to her.

As as client myself, I can attest to Mary Ann's skill not only professionally but interpersonally.  I believe she has a special gift for relating to sick and elderly clients.  My mother experienced not only relief from tension and pain after her sessions with Mary Ann, but also a sense of calm and well being.

Mary Ann was of special comfort to my mother as she became more frail, and Mary Ann's wiliingness to be flexible with scheduling, and coming to my mothers home when it became very difficult for Mom to travel, was a real blessing not only to my mother but to our whole family.
I would be glad to provide further information about my mother's benefit from healing massage and our experience with Mary Ann.


*Mary Weber Saylor

July 2013

From the first time Mary Ann came to give my Mother a massage, there was a bonding with all of us.  She was an important part of our family.  Here are a few examples of the expertise and character of Mary Ann that we appreciated so very much.

Mary Ann's love and kindness added so much to Mother's well being.  It was sweet relief for her.  Mary Ann's gentle touch, her laughter, her willingness to listen to endless stories filled my mother with joy each visit.

After my Dad passed away, Mother's loneliness grew.  Mary Ann would stay and read one of my Dad's letters from World War II to her.  The letters were enjoyable as much for Mary Ann as for my mother and helped with the loneliness when Mother's family was not able to be there.

Her granddaughter was like a granddaughter to my mother. Many times Mary Ann would bring Ariah along to visit "Grandma Virginia". Ariah would draw pictures for my mother. The pictures were all over the house for mother to see.  Mary Ann and Ariah would also sing to my mother, especially around the holiday's, my mother loved the holiday cheer that would bring to her.

Since Mother was not able to use the massage table, Mary Ann adapted the massage to wherever Mother was comfortable, so much so she often fell asleep during the massage.

Mary Ann's love for my mother extended beyond the massage therapy in so many ways. She would bring homemade meals to encourage her failing appetite. She picked up food that my mother was just so hungry for. Mary Ann would always remember Mother's birthday with a small gift or flowers and even brought her a little Christmas tree to cheer her space.

My mother broke her hip twice and had to be in rehabilitation for six weeks each time. Mary Ann would continue her scheduled massages at the hospital and rehab facility, bring flowers, sit with her for a meal. Sometimes she brought her granddaughter so her room was again decorated with pictures.

Mary Ann had very helpful knowledge of nutrition and the medicines that Mother was taking. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, her care and concern for me was always there asking my mother how I was doing.  When I came to Phoenix for visits, she was always interested in my progress.

Through much of the last year of my mother's life, when I was not with my mother, Mary Ann would call to keep me up to date on what was happening and how my mother was feeling that day.  This was such a comfort to me to know that someone we trusted was there watching over her in so many ways.

My mother passed away in April of 2011, over the 8 years Mary Ann was my Mother's massage therapist, she became one of my Mother's closest dearest friends.


*Patricia Kamauoha

* Reference contact information available upon request


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